Module ADZ5777 Making Connections Self-Reflection

During this module we have been asked to really discover who we are as designers by looking else where for inspiration. And while despite the module being so open I knew exactly what direction I wanted to lean towards from the start, being mainly minimalist abstract prints with an illustrative take. I did initially think I was going to look into fashion, which then moved onto stationary and then finally to interiors. This being said a lot of the designers I looked at switched between the three and I believe this is definitely my aim to work towards also. Looking at general surface design that is rather versatile.

Generally I have looked directly at children’s prints and interiors, and have gained a lot of inspiration from a children’s story narrative perspective. While being heavily influenced by Scandinavian style. Working from this inspiration I have broadened my styles and mediums. Now preferring the more traditional approach to printing which is lino. The brief has also given be a chance to develop mediums which I’ve previously dabbled in but not realised it’s potential like water colours and gouache paint. While trying to create individual characters and scenes throughout.

Looking at my strengths I really do feel I’ve looked into each designer to the best of my ability, for all 17 and not just the top 9 and or 3. I felt I couldn’t decide on pinning down the designers without actually knowing their background, looking as sustainability, marketing techniques and production over all. And have really considered my presentation while going into this, something which I haven’t in previous modules been quite so considering about. And because of this I feel my work is at a relatively professional standard regarding research.

However looking at weaknesses because of my focus being mainly on the research aspect I haven’t done as much drawing and mark making work as I would of liked and or to the standard I would of liked. I intend to carry on working on my skills throughout future modules on the side to help improve my skills in this area. This goes for the same as samples, given the short space of time to create I believe I haven’t used the most of it.

Similarly I haven’t practiced my PowerPoint skills to the extent I could of due to feeling a tad overwhelmed by the thought of them. This way of thinking however did not help me when actually coming to presenting and I found myself short of time to speak on each slide, and then getting stressed because of this. Presentation skills are definitely something I need to practice and work on, simply because my efforts don’t come across at all when trying to elaborate on my work.

Overall I’ve really enjoyed the module due to the exploration into who I want to be as a designer and felt it’s given me a lot to think about and taught me a variation of practices. And I look forward to finishing the module after the field projects are finished.


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