Field; Third experience

Moving into looking at a more natural/seasonal theme I began looking at potential imagery I could use within the brand that would be recognisable for both the brand and Easter as a whole. I then looked into Cadbury’s further and looked at specific characters they’ve created like Freddo Frog, a child friendly character seen on one of the most popular chocolate bars for the age group. It’s affordable appeal and it’s cheerful digitally drawn front man Freddo Frog is in my opinion what makes the chocolate so popular and so I wanted to look into this as a potential marketing technique. With this in mind I then also looked at their seasonal products such as Mini Eggs, and Cadbury’s Caramel Easter Bunnies and started to design my own front man for the brand. Combining the two I created a Easter bunny wearing a purple and yellow dress which I could have potentially taken further with embroidery/applique. However I decided due to the short space of time I could not develop all my ideas further and that going down this route would be less helpful than looking at other ways of carrying and relating to the brand.

Leaving this behind I then went back to the use of line drawing in attempt to help the theme of Cadbury’s flow easier (looking at the swirly typography used in the Cadbury’s name) and looked at coco leaves, trees and a more subtle Easter representation such as eggs. First drawing out these designs out by hand, then again digitally to try new techniques and create a more professional feel as done within Cadbury’s own designs. Digitally in my opinion worked very successfully, it made a repeat print easier to achieve, created a more finished and vibrant look and with added purple colours did very much remind me of advertising and packaging used within the companies existing products. To apply this outside of paper however I then started to use embroidery to re-imagine said illustrations while trying out many new techniques; felt punching and using the digital machines being my favourite as I found them the most successful. Having explored these areas I then felt I was ready to start discussing final outcomes.


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